yellow color wear for mother of the bride

Everybody wants to say that child support does nothing but hurt people. Well next time you think that. Think about the single mother raising a child and the dad dont call. The dad doesn't see them. The dad is completely Mia. Let me say this. I waited 4 years for kaleahs dad to get is life together and helping willingly. Gave him two options to help willingly or sign his rights over. He didn't wanna do either. So his ass got put on child support and just BC he's on child support doesn't mean it always gets paid. But I will say when I does it helps me get by with her. I make to much money for any help for the government. So next time you say how bad child support is would you rather pay for the help thru your taxes or have a dead beat dad pay for his responsibility??? yellow color wear for mother of the bride