wedding outfits with short sleeves

21 years ago today, as I watched serial killer documentaries and chilled, my "wife-to-be" was getting into her wedding dress and preparing to legally join in with me on this great and wonderous adventure... ushered in by the howling winds and rains of Hurricane Hortenz :) 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 children later... I wonder how 21 years has gone by so fast and I wonder how or why she hasn't ended my life at some point in between... she's had ample opportunity and reason, no joke!! We were just kids back then and all these years later we're still kids but with grown up bodies... and I wouldn't change a thing!! wedding outfits with short sleeves :) Cheers to all of you who were there that day back in 1996 and guess what? You're all 21 years older too... hahaha!!

Have a great day my friends, life truly is what you make it!! :)