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why are you angry about people not standing for the national anthem?

more importantly, why are you NOT angry about the conditions that are being protested against?

is it because they haven't happened to you?


is it because you haven't had your child murdered - yes, MURDERED - by police for no good reason whatsoever? you haven't had to deal with the trauma that comes with court dates, lawyer fees, interviews, the defense coming down on you & tryna dig up every spec of dirt to toss onto your should-be-living loved one's image before they spit upon her/his grave? because you haven't had to deal with sitting in court watching them get away with it all, knowing they are going to CELEBRATE their win over your irreplaceable loss? wedding dresses for women

is it because you haven't had a sibling go to war, come back with PTSD (night terrors and all that wickedness) and not get proper treatment, thus forever unstable and never the same person as you remember them to be? or have that sibling come back missing a body part and not get proper treatment? or have that sibling come back and take her/his own life so they won't ever have to see and hear the horrors they were forced to endure in wars we have no fucking business fighting in the first place?

is it because you believe systemic racism is not a thing? is it because you don't see the correlation between low income neighborhoods/areas of town and the underfunded schools that those children go to? you don't understand how that is what feeds the school-to-prison pipeline? how prison time = slave labor?

is it because you still fail to see that women are still viewed as inferior to men? that the "not bad, for a woman" stigma still exists? that a buncha people are tryna dictate what women can and can't do with THEIR OWN BODIES, as if it isn't enough for women to deal with being told they can and can't do certain things strictly because they are women?

is it because you still fail to see that Black people and other people of color have been fighting for equal rights and fair treatment across the board for GENERATIONS now?

is it because you don't understand that the sexual orientation of another person is really none of your goddamn business and that a "more favorable" one should never be considered as criteria of acceptance into any career field, whether political or otherwise?

is it because you don't see how this nation's values of "freedom, liberty, and justice for all" and "the pursuit of happiness" truly are NOT allotted to everyone and NEVER have? is it because you choose to live in a romanticized version of this country and choose to downplay what's really going on?

tell me, for real. what the fuck are you angry for?

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