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Tosan and Temisan decided to have their Church wedding quietly after the terrible experience they encountered during the traditional engagement. Their both parents had insisted on having an elaborate ceremony and the young couple were forced to spend more than they had budgeted. Tosan was particularly furious at his mother who didn’t make things easy for him. Being the first son and the first in the family to be married, Tosan’s mother who was overly excited insisted she must prepare a whole pot of Gbagbafofo and starch for her in-laws as a sign of acceptance and long lasting cordiality. She told virtually everyone she met that her son was getting married so they were all dressed up on the day waiting for free buses. Tosan and Temisan were embarrassed at the number of people that turned up for their traditional engagement after telling their parents separately that they wanted it low key. wedding dresses for older women

Temisan’s father who is an oil baron had invited the crème de la crème of the society to the ceremony, Temisan who has a weird phobia for crowd had begun to cry when she saw the number of people that turned up for a ceremony they wanted only a few to attend.

The first plan was for them to move the church wedding date to a day in the middle of the week to curtail the number of attendees and restrict them to immediate family and a few friends. Tosan wanted a maximum of 70 guests, they wanted it to be classy but with a few people. The couple had warned their parents to go by their rules this time which they all agreed to. They also invited a few of their friends but reminded them that it was strictly by invitation.

The first part of the wedding was over and the couple and their guests moved in a convoy to the hotel where the reception was to hold. Temisan was super excited, she was officially wife to Oritsetosan after seven years of friendship. When she met him it felt like it wasn’t going to work out because of their irreconcilable differences then but as they grew older they became more matured both in character and in mind. Tosan had always prayed for a wife like Temisan – open hearted with a kind spirit, his heart always soared each time he thought of how much she could be of help to him in realizing his goals.
Temisan sighted a Toyota bus as they drove into the hotel compound with the inscription “Itsekiri Women Union.

“This is not happening Tosan!” Temisan exclaimed as she saw a few women putting on the same type of wrapper. She pointed at the bus and Tosan’s eyes brightened

“Are they here for us?”

“Baby, I have no idea”

The driver parked beside a truck and the other cars followed, Tosan pleaded with Temisan to remain in the car while he confirms their fear. As Tosan alighted from the car he saw his Auntie Abejiwa walking towards him, she wore a charming smile and had her arms spread out for a hug. Tosan turned to the direction of his parents who were walking towards him and frowned, his mother tried to wink at him but he removed his face.

“Ah ah!! Omo dada, congratulations Oritsetosan. It is the Lord’s doing” Auntie Abejiwa said and hugged Tosan tightly.

“Ere owuro Auntie, I’m surprised…”

“I know na” she said smiling “we decided to surprise you and your wife”

“We?” Tosan asked with bewildered eyes

“Yes now, we came with three buses from Uselu. This one, that one and the other one” she spoke and pointed her hands towards the buses, Tosan could see people standing beside them. The sight of the crowd got him infuriated.

“Where is our wife? We brought gbagbafofo and starch for her and Auntie Alero prepared small owoh for you” she continued. Tosan smiled a little and mumbled “Thank you” before walking off to meet his parents.

“How Mama? I thought I pleaded with you that I wanted this thing very quiet. Three buses from Uselu!” he said and used his first three fingers to demonstrate the number three. Tosan’s parents looked at each other in shock.

“Mummy, are you sure you didn’t mention this to anyone?” his father said

“No I didn’t Daddy, not even by mistake. Anytime they asked me I quickly referred them to our son”

“…so who did? How did we end up with almost 200 people for a budget of 70?” Tosan was already sweating profusely and he knew Temisan would be getting worried.

“Calm down son, we’ll surely sort everything out. Just go back to your wife” his father said assuredly and gave him a light pat on the back

“Jor oko mi, calm down. Ni suru, we will sort everything immediately” his mother added and Tosan heaved a sigh of relief.

“…this is not funny Temi, three freaking buses? How the hell did these people know we were getting married today?” Temisan was still laughing, she paused only to continue again. Tosan watched her laugh and didn’t realize he was already laughing until he felt his eyes teary

“Fear the monitoring mirror of village people, they will trace you wherever you are and come” Temisan said

“This thing is really pissing me off!”

“Relax Tee, your parents have promised to take care of it and I know they will besides I have learnt one thing from this” Temisan said holding her husband’s hand

“Which is?” Tosan asked looking into her eyes, he was drawn by her beauty.

“Family will always come through for you no matter what” she said with a smile and Tosan kissed her lips.

“The good part is that Auntie Abejiwa brought your best soup”

“Gbagbafofo!” Temisan said and began to shake her waist and arms. Tosan laughed as he admired his wife.