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I remember seeing Natalie Morgan 's post exactly 2 years ago and my heart just broke for her. I couldn't imagine the kind of pain she must have felt losing her baby at term. It was completely devastating reading her post. Seeing how absolutely beautiful her daughter was and to know how senseless it all seemed for her to lose her baby past her due date.

I remember sharing it on my page, having no idea at the time that I myself would experience this same devastating loss of a c ... hild a year and a half after I shared that post. Today, as I reread her post I am amazed at the similarities in our stories and it brings me back to March 24, 2017...just nearly 6 short months ago. The day we found out our son's heart stopped beating at 37 weeks 5 days. Our fullterm baby. The heartache of that day and the days since runs deep and her words, if you read them and I hope you do, still ring true with her pleas to parents with infants and babies.

I know raising children is hard. Taking care of a newborn and an infant is hard. I've done it 4 times. The sleepless nights, the sore breasts, the saggy belly, the extra weight gain, the spit up,diaper changes, lack of showers, and all the frustrations that come with having a baby. But as Natalie said, I would give anything to have those things with Turner. Anything. I'd gladly have the sleepless nights with a newborn than the sleepless nights that now consume my life.

Dealing with postpartum issues and the mothering instincts that run very strong in my body post pregnancy has been agonizing with out a baby in my arms. Giving birth at full term and then not having that sweet baby to take care of is a pain like no other. One I can't and won't ever be able to describe.

A lot of my friends have had babies recently since Turner has passed away, or they are due soon or in the near future. I know I scare the living daylights out of you. I know you have probably unfollowed me on Facebook by now, because my reality is too much for you to handle. No pregnant woman wants to think about the unimaginable happening, unexpectedly losing a baby right before your due date. Heck, I even scare myself each day knowing that this is my life. Never once did I think I would have this happen to me especially since I've always had flawless pregnancy, even with Turner. wedding collections in grey or sliver

Please enjoy your babies because there are thousands of women each year who, like me, have had to experience this devastating loss and are missing their baby every single day. We weren't given the opportunity to raise the baby we carried for our entire pregnancy. If your baby made it here safely and is in your arms I am so incredibly happy for you. I really am...truly happy for you. Cherish them. They are truly a miracle.

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