simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby


I am new here. I found it so odd to be in a dating group. Women and men are presenting themselves in most crude way of appearance and presumptive love. It is so false and untrue.

I know that my post will be first and last here. Love is not a commodity to show off by displaying how attractive your body is or how cool looking you are. Of course I am assuming good intentions here. However, if I take into consideration alterior motives, the emerging p ... icture would totally different. It is a sad and pathetic way to seek love and connection this way. I feel sad indeed for not able to compete with the faceless crow who are heading ceaseless into the cliff of despair. The same crowd who is going to immerse themselves into the abyss of false love and romance. simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby

Life, as it is, has no mecy on anyone. To mix loneliness with the false pursuit of happiness would yield nothing but disillusionment, emptiness and deep sense of despair.

I wish true and happiness to everyone here. Blessed be your souls. Peace be with you all.

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