silver and grey mother of the bride wears

Words are not enough to celebrate a Brother in a Friend.
I am happy I stage the relationship scene when it all started 12 years ago (18th Dec, 2005).
I am also in the Scene in your first day @ the Academy (22nd Sept, 2012)
I am happy I witness your first most celebrated day as an Officer POP (16th Sept, 2017)
I am most delighted to be part of the success of Ur sword crossing wedding. (23rd Sept, 2017). silver and grey mother of the bride wears ...
Lastly, I am right next to u @ ur Thanksgiving service (24th Sept, 2017)
We have gone through ups and downs together. We are both not perfect but God kept us going.
May God favor be upon you as you serve Nigeria and the wisdom to be a husband and a father.
You know I got your back. Love You.
Once again, I celebrate u.

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