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Yesterday and today we've spent quality time together. Just going for walks, having meaningful conversations, taking time to chat with neighbors or friends, and sitting on the porch reading articles of interest....these are the days I hold dear. Building an even deeper closer bond in the simple little things we enjoy together. This man is not just my husband, but my best friend and partner. Home isn't the house you live in or the material things around you. Home is the sound ... of his heart thumping in your ear with your head on his chest wrapped tightly in the loving safety of his arms. It's the days that you don't have it in you to love or care for yourself that he loves you enough for the both of us and makes sure he cares enough to make sure I am taking care of myself. He makes sure I eat on the days I have no appetite and I check with him to be sure he's taken his BP meds. During storms he shelters me from the rain and I help keep his feet firmly planted. We always walk hand in hand even in the worst of heat. We never go to bed upset. We always kiss good morning and kiss good bye. We're both quick to say I love you to one another and say it as frequently as well think of it. These things are home to me..... prom garments in white color

July 15th, 2017

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