plus size selections for wedding that cost below 100

My cat escaped and ran away about 5 days ago, she must have slipped out past me when I was coming in at night. I'm really worried about her. She is a small charcoal black cat (brownish & greyish black underneath) with a longish hair, fluffy tail, soft as silk, yellow eyes. She responds to her name Pusski Pusskin. She has a small hernia protusion on her belly. She is not fixed. About 3 or 4 years old, kinda looks like a kitten though. She is not very friendly, hates to be held for any length of time cries softly like it oppresses her to be held. While she may be a bit of a bitey-playful she responds to the command "gentle" with licking instead of biting. she has no collar. I might have seen her two nights ago dodge across the busy street toward Shopko, that's pretty far from where we live. I stopped and called for her but she never came. She had gotten out all night a couple of weeks ago and was scared when I found her and had developed a dry sounding cough that went away in a couple of days, probably from eating grass or something. She's never been an outdoor cat. If anyone sees her or finds her Please call me Donna Irvin 715-732-9524. plus size selections for wedding that cost below 100