plus size boho wedding dress

And what about the Colorado Cake Guy that the Supreme Court is about to rule on?

On one hand, the baker is suggesting "I'll sell you anything else you want. It's not about rejecting gay customers. It's about rejecting a gay event {i.e. your wedding}."

On the other hand, the bus driver also offered to take Rosa Parks anywhere she wanted to go, provided she ride in the back of the bus.

Both compelling arguments.

Suppose a plus-size woman walks into a dress maker's shop that 'unofficially' caters only to women sized 0-to-6. The customer (size 12) says: "I really like that (size 4) dress. Can you make it in my size?" plus size boho wedding dress

The dress maker says: "I'm sorry. I can sell you the size 4 off the rack, but I don't make dresses for fat women." <boo hiss>.

Bad business decision and also rude, but is the dress-maker liable for not producing an identical product for every flavor of customer?

This is why I would rule for the baker, but not necessarily on religious grounds. The religious argument actually magnifies anti-religious sentiment.

If the court rules for the baker, the outcome will be that some customers will need to find more agreeable and supportive bakers...and there will be many.

If the the court rules against the baker, then it's clear that -- if some bakers feel that strongly in their stance -- the bakers must get out of the wedding cake business.