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The subject is mental illness:
I don't have to have degrees hanging on my wall to explain the effect of this illness it can come upon you in an instant. Its simply when the mind is either to weak or to confused to think. At any given moments these thoughts will occur suicide, fear, withdrawal, hallucination, failure to comprehend, paranoid, those awful voices that is to loud not even a radio can drown them out, depression often suicides will be carried ou ... t. Medications only placate it. But doesn't help the illness.Many families have had to deal with members who is afflicted with it. It is truly heart breaking I should know, mental illness is in no way a form of insanity. Its when the mind shuts down logic's are not clear. Somehow I was able to overcome a portion of it. There are still some lingering affects such as no apparent reason for crying or thinking someone is out to hurt you. The loneliness feeling is trying to hide it especially when your nerves are shot. Even as I write many are faced with or have family members who are suffering with it. I truly hope I have helped someone because you have no idea how the mind can alienate itself from reasoning. online sale wedding items for over size ladies

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