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Okay... Shade, Chinyere, Tosin, Amaka, Nike - where are you gals on facebook oo??? The primary school love plus Mummy and Daddy play we were trying to stage back then can still become REAL. Remember, how we used to throw love letters upandan the classroom or don't tell me you've forgotten so quickly that we cooked correct veggies inside those milk cans. Lolz

I remember how we innocently stage-played a family setting, using our legs to mould houses, schools and markets just to have that perfect community for interaction. Sometimes, I look at the "shildren" of nowadays *infalzvoice* and I just SMH, they really can't understand what it means to socially interact physically. Technological development has practically turned them to loners and virtual socialists only. Every interaction is now made of screens, clicks, emojis, vns, abbreviations and memes etc. not expensive prom party dresses in color red

This development can be painful sometimes, especially when they make you feel like you're "nearing your grave" already. Okay, enough of the words of wisdom before these baby boomers jumped at me online.

Let's talk about Blessing & Ayode, the ex primary school lovers that have made good use of the modern-day technology called Facebook to resuscitate their primary school love and finally walked down the Aisle yesterday.

Their story was enough motivation for me to witness their union yesterday despite the crazy week I had and having attended a breakfast strategy session. In addition, I knew lots of friends and associates will be there. I wasn't disappointed at all.

We celebrated a LOVE Story founded and written from 1994 and I wonder if it's a case of PROVIDENCE or COINCIDENCE. Was God aware they will eventually become Husband and wife or did it happen because both love birds decided to build on God's will for them to have met and meet again?

Don't even bother to answer jo, they're sha married and we had fun like no other. From Emma's jokes, to the beautiful father/daughter dance, plenty chops and drinks and then the big one...


# Team Blessing obviously had a lot of lady-machinery-dancers that even EmmaOhmyGod couldn't save the day for # TeamAyo .
Thumbs up to the GoogleBoiz & CU Eagles, they really came through for their man, Infact it was a YOU OWAMBE!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ayode Akinfemiwa, may God's love continue to be the foundation of your home.

Best wishes,

PS. I think I should start a "wedding chronicles" blog, what do you guys seriously think?

Wunmi Akinfemiwa
Lola Akinfemiwa Sijuade
Olamide Olajuwon-Ige
Ayanleke Tobi Timilehin
Modupe Jemima Araromi
Doopeh Oludare Olufote

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