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Before our Veterans sign up to whatever the branch they will serve , they swear on the flag they will serve our country, protect and serve it people . They will die for our democracy. When our Veterans comes home in a body bag , they are draped with the American flag . When their families bury them they are handed the American flag . Our American flag is just not a flag you can spit on , turn you're back on . It is disgraceful when you do this . What you are doing is like a s ... lap on the face of all Veterans sacrifices they had made along with their families. And all our Veterans who have died , missing in action and our POW. So when you don't stand you are hurting many people and also the innocent children who don't understand why their fathers , mothers are never coming back . They aren't here to hug their children , to tuck them in bed at night or hold them when they are in pain . So why these football players are out their making millions of dollars playing a stupid game , who lives in mansions , and has all the freedom this world has to offer . Spoiling their kids with their riches . And complain and cry .While our Veterans are dirty , sleeping on the ground , with bombs going over their heads. Coming home with PTSD , seeing the horrors of war . Never being the same . It is hard to feel sorry for you . Poor baby you're feelings are hurt . Boo hoo. Suck it up . My life isn't easy bad things keep happening in my life . But I am grateful that I get to sleep in a bed with no bombs going over my head at night . I don't have to worry if my kids get enough to eat . I am not running for my life . You say it doesn't have to do with this when you don't stand and put you're hand on you're heart . Yes it does . If you want to fight for the injustice in this country take it to the courts . Protest there , make it hard on congress until things change . That is how you can make a difference. But here you just divided the country and you wonder why we are upset . Now you know why . mother of the groom wedding dresses

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