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Episode 72
We got to the hospital and
surprisingly,our appointment has
already being booked,I think mum
called our family doctor from home
because we were sent into his office
immediately. He wasn't happy with
me and then again,mum cried.
Doctor Tobe said all the things he
could say about how I've hurt my
family including him. But after all said
and done,he promised that I was
going to be taken care of. He asked
that I lie down on the couch and a
scan was done. The scan revealed that
I had passed the due date for my
labour because my baby wasn't
positioned well,reason being that I
hadn't gone for antenatal care and
that I've being eating all manners of
junks. The remedy was going to be an
induction of labour. He gave me some
drugs which I was to take for three
days. He sent us to the lab where I
was to run all manner of tests. Before
12pm,the hospital staff knew they had
one new patient. My card was ready
and they all kept pretending to be
angry with me; that I got married
without inviting them and to even
think that my husband was
abroad.........lols....(think that's what
the doctor told them because we
were regular attendants of the
hospital). My mum kept telling them
that they will get everything when I
put to bed safely.
We got home and mum helped me to
run a bath. We ate together and each
time I wanted to apologise again,she
would ask me not to,that there was
no need for that. She rushed off to
the market immediately and came
back with a big box late that evening.
It was filled with baby accessories. My
joy knew no bounds as she kept
showing me all the things(clothes,
pampers,shoes,towels, a lot of things
even the ones I'll use in the labour
room). I couldn't thank her enough.
She revealed to me that she'll be
travelling to the village the next day to
inform our kinsmen. I was scared. She
asked me not to be,that she and my
dad would handle the situation. My
sister kept calling to know what was
happening,even my friends. It was
that day that I called Vivian and she
told me that she had already heard it.
We cried together and she told me
not to worry,that everything would be
Mum travelled the next day, I also
started taking my drugs that day. Later
in the day,I called Raymond and told
him the situation. I don't know his
reaction but he promised to see me
the next day before going to work.
That morning,he called that he was
outside. My siblings had all gone to
school but I went outside to see him.
We didn't talk. He just gave me some
money and asked that I take care. I
counted the money and it was #4000.
I called my mum and told her a friend
of mine came to see me and that he
gave me money. She asked that I keep
it properly. As I was taking my bath,I
noticed that my stomach was kicking
(first time ever). I called my mum
again and she said it was the drug
repositioning the baby and that kicks
were normal to show that the baby
was alive. I was grateful for the love of
a mother and swore to always
appreciate my mum forever. Nothing
much happened that day just that I
walked round the house,did some
skipping (advised by the doctor) and
used hot water to take my bath that
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Episode 73
11 September 2013.
I woke up with a sharp pain in my
lower abdomen. I looked at the wall
clock hanging in my room and it read
2:17am. I ran to the toilet thinking that
I was pressed or something but
nothing came out. I came out to
continue my sleep but each time I
closed my eyes,the pain would return.
I think it came every 20 minutes or
less. I tossed on the bed. Nothing
occurred to me that I was in labour.
I remained awake till 6am. I checked
my phone but there was no airtime. I
sent Vivian a call me back SMS and
she called me immediately. I asked
her to send me airtime that I needed
to call my mum. She agreed and
ended the call. Thirty minutes later,I
got no message so I went to my
WhatsApp and sent my mum
messages,telling her how I felt and
my inability to sleep. God being
merciful,mum called immediately. She
asked me to pick the bag that was in
her wardrobe (she had earlier
brought out the ones that will be
needed at the hospital) and rush to
the hospital and that I should take my
bath with hot water before leaving.
She said she would drive down to
Onitsha(from nsuka) immediately.
I did as she told me; took my bath
with hot water and wore a gown.
Someone who had seen me that
morning with my bag would think I
was travelling. I walked as slow as the
pain would let me. I got to a tricycle
(keke) stand and chartered one to the
hospital. I got there and was lucky
enough to pick number 2. The nurses
knew what was wrong with me so
they took my bag and asked me to be
walking round the premises till it was
Time to see the doctor.
As I walked round,the pain stopped
so I went and sat down. I hated
Raymond that moment. Not even a
call or a text,I began to realise that life
isn't what we all think it is. I even
began to know that love was just a
word used to confuse timid girls like
me. He didn't even think about the
problem I had saved him from by not
mentioning his name. If I had a knife
then,I would have killed him and killed
myself as well. ........ But who are we to
make decisions? God uses a lot of
experience to teach us lessons. I sat at
the hospital reception with a lot of
thoughts in my head. My mum
arrived when the first patient went to
see the doctor. She asked why I had
not asked any of my street girls to
accompany me but I told her that I
wanted to be alone.
We were finally ushered into the
doctors office. He checked me and
said it was labour but its starting as
contraction. He inserted a white drug
into my body and asked that I go to
the labour room and wait till my water
breaks. I got to the room and was
surprised to see three other women
and a teenage girl like me. In her own
case, she was in labour but her mum
kept shouting on her that she should
die because of the shame she had
brought their family. I looked at my
mum and she smiled lovingly at me.
The nurses gave me a bed and asked
that I UnCloth and tie only my
wrapper,I shouldn't even put on a
pant. I undressed and sat down on
my bed. Mum excused herself and
went to buy me food which I ate and
slept amidst wails from other women
in the room.
I woke up with that same sharp pain
but this time, it didn't stop. The wall
clock showed it was some minutes
past five . My mum was sitting on the
bed looking at me. I let out a scream
and she held me,asking me not to
cry,that if I do,I'll continue to cry
during each labour but if I stayed
strong,that it will be easy for me the
next time. The pain even increased as
she said that. Next thing I knew,I was
running Unclad in the room,beating
my mum,praying and asking God to
take my life. None of the women had
given birth by that time.
Remembering my mum's words,I
swallowed my pain but didn't stop
hitting my mum. She endured them
all,even rubbed my waist to help
reduce the pains. I started having a
discharge of blood and white mucus.
The pain didn't stop as well. I cried
silently and wished for death to come
as the pain was much and not
stopping at all.