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It's strange to me that people are like "Hey, don't let Trump end friendships and relationships that you've had for a long time. Friends/family are more important than politics! Always!"

The problem is when I see someone supporting Trump I know they aren't supporting him based on some specific goal, they are basing on Trump's bullying, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and/or as a reaction against ideas of inclusion, political correctness, and social welfare. If, for some reason, t ... hey claim it's not for THOSE reasons then they are proudly declaring those thing AREN'T important to them, not as important as whatever else they claim.

They just revealed to me something I didn't know about them for years, apparently. I have to deal with that reality. I have to deal with the idea I can't trust them around vulnerable women. I can't trust them to not do something racist. I can't trust them to recognize bullying and stand up for victims. I can't trust them to do some of the very basic things I consider makes the type of person I even want to be around. mother of the bride dresses

It did not cut off relationships with friends, long-term friends, and family, because they wanted a wall, or because they want to put America "First", but because of all the things they're supporting to reach those goals and with those goals. It's not the appointment of Bannon or the nepotism in the office, it's that they can look past those things.

I can't be friends with people like that. i can't trust them with my feelings, my struggles, and support.

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