maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

We have an anonymous question from a Leaky to share and please come visit our wall. Did you leak breastmilk during pregnancy? If so, when did you start leaking? I never really leaked during any of my 6 pregnancies, just a tiny bit here and there. Was your leaking/not leaking any indication of your breastmilk supply later? It never was for me, even if I never leaked during pregnancy I had more than plenty of milk after baby was born. Did you leak after having baby? Have ... to use breastpads? How long did your leaking last? (I still use breastpads at 21 months.) For all those that do leak, Bamboobies is offer a chance to try a pair of their reusable, super soft breast pads for free for a limited time, link below

"I have a question.. Hopefully it's not too When I was pregnant with my first son (12 years ago) I don't remember at what point in pregnancy I started leaking but toward the end, I was leaking so much that I needed to wear nursing pads.. Even though there were 10 years between my first two babies, i never totally dried up.. if i ever squeezed my nipple, a drop or two of milk would come out. With my second son, I never leaked enough during pregnancy to need to wear pads, but I was leaking a fair amount by week 14 weeks or so. Now I'm pregnant again.. 18 weeks, and not only am I not leaking, I am dry.. Like drier than I've been in 12 years.. Is this normal? If anything i've only ever had an over supply with both my last babies, Should I be concerned about a supply issue this time around or is it common for there to be a difference between each pregnancy as to when you start getting leaky?" maid of hour bridesmaid wears in periwinkle

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