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No 1 to get pink lips in few days
Next to get thicker eyelashes , reduction of dark circles and eyebrows thickness as well ...
For lips we need olive oil , sugar not castor sugar only normal sugar and lemon piece
Mix everything sprinkle sugar on top otherwise it will dissolve pour it any empty bottle use it every night scrub for few minutes this will take few days but your lips will become Pinkish tips (don't exfoliate too hard it may cause Pain)
Next remedy for thickness of eyebrows xoxo growth of eyelashes and reduction for dark circles ...
You will need castor oil , any aloe vera gel fresh or of any company And Evion Capsules of Any color (Green, Red or Blue) Now add everything to equal quantity you can use to Evion capsules in the mixture because it's very less in one capsule now regularly before Sleeping Massage on ur eyebrows, eyelashes and below eyes it will do miracles ....thanks please don't add males in group) long sleeve wedding dresses for sale

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