lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies

But being female is expensive. Men need to understand why we constantly need money.

Firstly, looking good is very expensive for us. That eyeliner is not cheap. The lipstick is not some lip-ice nje, iyadura! That hairstyle is not cheap. That handbag that has to go with the outfit is not cheap. That outfit is not cheap. And unlike men, we need many and varied items of clothing and accessories to look good. lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies

A man only needs pants (long or short, formal or casual), a top (shirt, tshirt or golf shirt), shoes (Tekkies or formal, only a few), andapende and maybe a few vests.

Thina we need
pants ( long or short, baggy or tight, jeggings or jeans, waist or low waist, skinny or boyfriend cut, cropped or full length)
skirts (formal or casual, print or plain, A-line or pencil, high waist or normal)
dresses (same as skirts but with added variations according to the top part),
a top (I won't get into the hundreds of descriptions here, it will take half a day),
shoes (flats or heels, wedges or stilettos, pumps or tekkies, sandals or push-ins, round toe or peep toe),
Bra (tshirt bra or lacy number, underwire or not, lift or carry, back cross or normal straps, strapless or backless)
panties (boy cut or bikini, Gstring or thong, control or briefs). And we must have all these in a variety of colors in order to go with the outfit.

The underwear, guys. Yoh! It's expensive to have boobs! A good bra will set you back a few 100 Rands. If they are big, multiply that by 5 or more.

Sanitary items. Hayi ke! We spend a truck load on those. These companies are ripping us off and exploiting the fact that we are female and we NEED these things.

Do you see why we go shopping so much? It's a necessity.

Yet women are paid less than men. Then men complain when we keep asking for money or they wonder why we like money... yet they want us to look special for them.

Golddigger se voet! Tholukuthi niyasinyela!