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I really really really wish you guys would educate yourselves about tetanus. But since most of you will not, I'll leave a few bits of info.

Tetanus can only live in an anaerobic environment, which means no oxygen. So if your wound is bleeding, you do not have tetanus.

Secondly, a tetanus vaccine takes 3 weeks to build antibodies in your body against tetanus. If you indeed had tetanus, you would die long before the vaccine provided any aid.


What you need to ask for if you are worried about tetanus is a tetanus immunoglobulin.

Lastly, you aren't getting a sole tetanus shot. It is a combo shot tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) which will make you an asymptomatic carrier for pertussis, thus possibly spreading pertussis without even realizing it.

Not to mention the many "rare" serious side effects such as spontaneous miscarriage, encephalitis (brain swelling), epilepsy, coma, paralysis, etc.

Truth is- you cannot call something rare that does no have a mandated or proper reporting system for reactions. Only 1-10% of vaccine injury is reported to VAERS according to the AMA.

Stop letting doctors pressure you into useless and HARMFUL Vaccines. If you are someone who thinks its ridiculous to have informed consent ONLY when it comes to vaccines.. You are apart of the problem.

I have zero apologies about my stance on vaccines, if you are offended maybe you need to do some self reflection and analyze your emotions. A lot of times when we are offended it is not because something isn't true but because it is something we do not want to hear. Educate yourself. latest prom collections look hot

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