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What should I wear whilst walking around Zakynthos???? A good question!!!! As yesterday a post was put up on our page with the photo below, ( don't worry their faces are covered so that even they can not recognise themselves) and it did cause a concern rather about the disgust of us posting it by a few members....I for one was disgusted, hence me writing this post. However, not by the fact that it was up but purely by the fact that this sort of dress code should be accepted ... on our island in business districts. It is rude and provocative in every sense of the word. Should we have called the police? Well, we had every legal right to do so but you may say that would be taking matters to the extreme.
So what should we wear while walking around Zakynthos?
The answer is quite simple. Imagine people walking around in bikinis or shorts with bare upper parts of the body, in this case practically bare all over in your own hometown or city. It would look a bit strange, wouldn't it? It's got nothing to do with the weather. The Greek believe beachwear belong on the beach and nowhere else, it's just that simple. Zakynthians live and work on the holiday-resorts, surrounded by classmates, colleagues, family and friends, don't forget it is their home.
Now, as far as the tourists are concerned, they understand our longing for the sun and how we want to relax when on holiday, but they sometimes think we are a little bit vulgar, and they will say so amongst themselves, they will more than likely not tell you as they feel that you should not have to be told, it is a matter of respect and that you should know. The photos below depict such ignorance as these two were shopping in an area that was not in the vicinity of the beach, infact it was in a popular business area where most locals shop daily. Ok, you say??? Oooh is NOT ok!!! Saying that, Zakynthians will excuse you, as the phrase they will often use in their language is *they are foreigners!* and usually they laugh at the vistior's ignorance. greek prom dresses
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