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Absolutly disgusted. At your location on Bill France Blvd in Daytona Beach Fl. Brought my 12 month old daughter into the restroom to use the changing table. Set her on it, and the fold down part fell to sit at a downward angle, sending her sliding off. Thankfully i caught her before she got hurt. Go to sit at the table. The stench throughout the entire restaurant is horrid. It smells like the dirty carpet got wet, and then stayed that way for a very long time, giving off the most disgusting smell ever.
At this point, we should have gotten up and walked away... Unfortunatly, we did not. There was ONE waitress, at 7pm on a Saturday night. We were seated in a booth, next to a large party at tables, which had been lined up so closely to the booth, that my daughter, in a booster seat at the end of the table, could reach back and essentially touch the people at the table, even after we pulled the booster under the table as far as possible, so there was not a gap between her and our booth. This created a safety hazard, as you could not walk between the table and booth-even when there were other booths were a booster would not have created a problem (more on that after).
The waitress was friendly, the only positive part of this experience. She took our order... the most complicated things we ordered were the sweet cream cheese crepes, which come with a fruit compote on top...i asked that instead of putting it on the crepes, they just put it on the side.... and an order of chocolate chip pancakes (we specified, plain chocolate chip pancakes, not the chocolate chocolate chip pancakes (where the batter is chocolate as well) with no butter or anything on them.... the waitress had to come back to ask if i still wanted the cream cheese filling in the crepe.....
Get our food.... one person had ordered just a stack of plain pancakes- the bottom of the bottom pancake was covered in burned bits and black grease, like crud had been left on the griddle to burn up, and then the batter was poured on and instead of just making a new one, they hid it at the bottom of the stack. The chocolate chip pancakes didnt come out with our food, since they had to be remade, as they were made with chocolate batter instead of regular batter. When they were brought to the table, it was with a giant ball of butter on top, and a giant cup of extra chocolate chips(?why i have no clue) The crepes were just sad. Nothing like any crepe I have ever had at any other IHOP. They were not even 1/4 of an inch thick including the folded crepe and filling. They were truly the most pathetic looking things, I cannot believe they would even send them out of the kitchen. formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy
In addition to the crepes, we ordered a side of hashbrowns...they never came....but since no one ever came to the table, or even near the table to wave them down at any point during the meal, we could not even ask for them.
Come time to pay, the waitress took our credit card, and then dissapeared for over 20 minutes, to the back of restaurant. She picked up and left with the card so fast, we couldnt even mention the missing hashbrowns. So we had no choice but to continue sitting there, waiting for her to return with the card.
At that point, half our table went outside to wait. In trying to get around the booster seat between the booth and the party at the tables next to us, a member of our party tripped, because you could not even walk by. No waitress, no manager, no employees even in the dining room at all at this point.
She finally returns the this point, we are so beyond frustrated and disgusted, we just want to leave... my 7 year old and his grandpa go to use the stall has poop smeared all over, another has the bowl filled.... there are old smelly clothes in one stall (we can only guess a homeless person may have changed in there and disgarded them there?).
Had I not been witness to this retchid experience, I wouldnt even believe the complete and utter failure to be possible, but sadly, it is.
Four of us came for dinner, plus a 12 month old....three of us ate Mcdonalds on the way was superior to our meal at IHOP....SAD.
We would like this experience to be rectified, in the hope that a future visit to an IHOP (it WILL NEVER BE THAT BRANCH AGAIN) is better. Short of that, a dispute will be placed with our credit card company.
This was by far, the most dissapointing, disgusting visit to an IHOP, or for that matter, any restaurant, we have ever experienced.