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This is a must share....a memory from 2013 posted by Bret Godsun and something that proves as testament to the ultimate transformation of an individual. I have had the pleasure to see it all...
The Path of Self-Redemption
by Bret Iddings

(This is an excerpt of an email I sent to a very dear friend and brother of mine who is going through some tough times and said that he has been feeling disconnected from God. This is my abridged response to him. Please pass this on to others! PAY IT FORWARD)
As time has went on, I have severed ties with people, activities, & things that were disconnecting me from God. In doing so, I have found many new friends and family that have been helping me re-connect fully with God. The journey is tough, especially nowadays when the things that are "popular" and "cool" are the same things that completely disconnect us from God. God gives us a choice everyday what we want to do with our lives and what type of things we are going to spend our time doing... I suppose that is what people call "free will". Our thoughts become form embodied in word and action and everything we do, whether good or bad, has a corresponding consequence (good or bad). It took me getting in two terrible car accidents, getting arrested a couple times, being addicted to drugs & alcohol, womanizing girls and disrespecting them, being addicted to porn, quitting my job and going on the run for almost 2 years then going to jail and many other things along the way. Some times the darkness at rock bottom is the easiest place to recognize the Light (which can be quite blinding in the darkness)... the light that we always have been connected to but we disconnect ourselves from because we follow the ways of the world. I know you know the Way inside you, it is just a matter of connecting with it and disconnecting with the crap. It's a journey man, truly a journey... the best one ever. It will be tough for awhile but I can assure you, that if you re-dedicate yourself to God and seek God every moment, you will experience the bliss of redemption and you WILL manifest your own Heaven on Earth. formal dresses for weddings

We all must literally die to our old selves (spiritually and mentally) and be re-born in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. Once we choose to do this and dedicate our lives to this, we walk the long path of redemption and salvation. I know you know a famous religious character who's story aligns perfectly with this statement. We all have the power to tune in to the Christ Consciousness, the consciousness that is spreading far and wide around the world right now and which will one day bring peace on Earth. At the same time, followers of the other religions are also following their respective beliefs, which are the same (in the Bigger Picture) and all these roads eventually lead to the same Final Destination.

Today, you can stop beating yourself up for your past transgressions and know that God has given you another chance to be the person you are meant to be. God is helping you through me right now to see that you are truly blessed, for I am just a servant of Him and nothing that I have has not been given to me from Him. God has given me every single thing that I have, He has even given me this life and body so that I may have a proper vessel to interact with this physical illusion (yet it is much more than that). I know you, you have many times shown that you are a child of God and you have a great heart and soul. Give thanks today for your gifts and always live in the joy of the NOW moment that you are rebuilding your relationship with Him. (And, in my opinion, God is not a "Him" but I am speaking in familiar terms from the Bible. God is not a dual entity or duality, ***God is Unity***)

In regards to Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation (and rumors that he had killed Native Americans).... sure there are things that our forefathers and ancestors did on the way to the present moment that were not the best thing (in terms of war and that stuff) but, at the end of the day, it was their sacrifices to us, the future generations, so that we may live in America, the land of the free and have the choice and resources to pretty much live our dreams to the fullest. There has always been war and probably will be for some time to come until the day comes when there will be no war because everyone will be living a collective Heaven on Earth. The main part of that Lincoln quote that reflected his truest Self, was about people forgetting about God. It took me a long time to stop projecting my problems and bad qualities onto people that were actually doing good. Once I stopped doing that and started teaching myself to recognize the good intentions and sacrifice that people have done and our doing, then I started to cure the darkest aspect of myself. We always hate/dislike others for things that we see in our own self. I had a very tough upbringing in some aspects and was a product of my environment, as we all are.

We are currently living in a time when the masses are so disconnected from God (turn on the TV, read the newspapers/magazines, etc etc etc) and it is very obvious that human beings have become completely absorbed in the human ego to the point where that has become the norm and it is promoted. However, we are in a transition collectively where many people are starting to experience true revelation in their life and they see that their choices have led them far from God and resulted in much unnecessary pain and sorrow. There are people that have all the money in the world yet they are so disconnected that revelation has brought to their life destruction for themselves and their families. All this stuff is in all the Holy Books of all religions. There are Universal Laws that, when they are transgressed, bring known consequences to the lives of the offenders. We are very blessed though because our Creator loves us enough that we get many, many chances to transition ourselves to the path of redemption but sooner or later, if we do not take heed to those opportunities, we will undoubtedly succumb to the results of the bad choices that we make.