floral wedding dresses

I can't keep up. The child has asked for a white, fur-trimmed cloak for Christmas. She has exhausted herself looking online, and states, "All I can find is wedding cloaks!" The reason in a few short words:

Anime gaming cosplay.

Basically, dressing up like your favorite game characters. In this case, Goth Sans, a character from Undertale. He wears a hooded white, fur-trimmed cloak with a red scarf. Not a black-trimmed cloak, as you'd assume with the term "Goth." Anime cosplay is a thing. THE thing. It is the fashion statement. There is a new kind of preteen clique - one that we, as adults, are grossly unfamiliar with. When we are out shopping, "That is totally ___" (Some character I've never heard of). We come home with a striped hooded T. It looks a little gender neutral, but it gets a pass. It isn't tight shorts, or a dipped neckline. floral wedding dresses

I realized on Halloween just how prevalent it was, while trick-or-treating with my child. "Oh, that's ___ from the ___ [YouTube/game]." "The parents don't know who it is, but we all know who it is." I'm telling you, YouTube channels are a huge thing, especially Anime and Manga genre's, and you have not heard of 9/10ths of what is being watched there. Forget TV. Forget all you know.

We're standing at a check-out at Sears, and she says excitedly, "Look, Mom, Sans!" I look, and can't see an Undertale character anywhere. I highly doubt Sears carries Undertale anything. She has a wry smile, and points to the sign on the desk. "It's Sans font!" I am so lost as a parent.