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For everyone who is offended or convinced that kneeling is "disrespectful" or that "that son of a bitch" should be dragged off the field.... we are tired of explaining ourselves and fighting just to get fair treatment across all spectrums of life...what oppression do you deal with on a daily basis? what stereotypes? Systemic racism and oppression , corporate racism, judgement and hierarchy bullshit. fitted bodycon wedding wears With Lace Appliques

Since you (those who are against everything that is happening in the NFL and ... in the world and choose to turn a blind eye) have all the words and judgements, how many of you annoying, rude, anti everything facebook psychologist would be black, how many would do it for even a day?

I ask coworkers sometimes "If you were 1 of a handful of white people in an all black corporate setting, would you take the job/ Want the job ? Even if it were your dream job or progressive in your field?

And when we go to school and get 2-3 degrees...its considered lucky to find a good job? How...what did we go to school for? To be "the token black person"

How do you think black people operate on a granular level daily...Some of y'all buttholes puckered up just reading that bc you know and we know what's up.

Sad world we live in that our president black listed a humanitarian and positive figure in not just the black community, but period. But calls white nationalists who run people over great men and doesn't make even a comment about it .

Good day

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