bat mitzvah gowns

this picture you ve send after first time i contacted you on facebook the one on the beach made me realize what i have done to you you looked so destroyed and so scared fuck me i was in the passage house then with janusz wruck polish guy he was fucking hopeless even that guy mick the chef said it i think now this janusz is married to his lorreine
i told him about everything and said you will go show this to jessica ince and ask for money and to talk to me but he said he has to wash his clothes at nine in the morning
tony harewood was my keyworker crisis of masculinity hehe
keyworker kate davinda michelle i think its on longworth street i hated place i was after sex addict meetings and my romences with katsie babsie aka cocaine kate ex wife of warren evans the bed manufacturer / corrine sex addict love fantasist anorexic and avoidant/ debbie from new jersey she said she knew i was a sexworker hehe irish jenny control addict vanessa she didnt know that eighteen and twenty five gives forty three she was funny bat mitzvah gowns
janet event director from members club i left my husband for the man that left me and it hurts
richard from home office i ve spend twenty thousand pounds on prostitutes last night fourteen was not mine but it doesnt matter about money and he had six lunatic according to himself girlfriends in home office i was living eighteen months great peter st salvation army just across the street from theresa may home secretary then it was digusting place both residents and management
but these sex addict meetings destroyed me kate and corrina were the worst i asked them to talk to me but all said no after that i was recording all the meetings what a filth
hi iam corrine sex addict love fantasist anorexic and avoidant hihi
i know i shouldnt go there beacouse this place is like a trigger itself but i went there again selfridges and i clocked this bloke he clocked me i got triggered and how i wanted to f;;; i mean have sex but i couldnt and i wanted cocaine and i hadnt any so i rang kate
they destroyed me and one of the meetings before christmas i asked if your life was worth bmw car they were quiet i am not sex addict i told them i am sitting here beacouse of sick fucks like you
he is sexy
corrina said there is one man in here this is very dangerous man then she was saying how she masturbates thinking about me in front of all these sugardaddies omg and grazyna polish cunt hehe she was a superstar
i told that manager that only thing that saves me is sending the story i have written about the whole experience of knowing you
but i am afraid you may want to kill yourself she said why do you care its her who will kill herself this woman was disgusting
i wrote quintessentially homeless and the man with diamond spunk in two twelfe in salvation army on one night but it looked bad then i had counselling sessions in turning point jacqui brandford her stapled stomach and tits done in poland in wroclaw omg the counseller used word shame when i said you were all possessed then i wrote my cv quintessentially whore omg
when i was reading all those descriptions of your behaviours i was sweating cold litterally
and salvation army didnt help with anything and disturbed everything i was setting up aa meetings at rochester row i have earned hundred sixty pounds and when they were kicking me out she even wrote me a letter that i will not see the money i showed it in passage to police miss daphne from jobcentre nothing worked
you can be a chapter in my book of love
i will die beacouse of you yvonne gilmartin but the most important is to be confronted with you to prove that everything i say and write is true and prestige is mine
and clear my name and talking to you is also one thing that would cure my troubled soul like you put it
but really this one pound an hour destroyed me in the and she amy said ;babes you are not any superstar i can buy you ticket home omg i laid down on the pavement and in few days i got myself job in mayfair hotel as events staff
nadra met me once and then recommended for work in the house as kithcen porter fuck sake then i discovered that none of you employees could speak english all those italians and spanish
legionario and javi i told him to suck me off but wouldnt give it to him scarlett johansson omg this laszlo pakovic
and all the girls stopped talking to me beautiful yvonne later i will try to describe everything year by year in most coherent way i need a smoke now c ya