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There was a day when I swore I would never drink coffee.

That all changed when I started volunteering as a youth leader.
Those late nights about took me out and coffee was a quick fix.


At some point, despite my declaration that all coffee was "gross",
I became a bit of a coffee snob. Sort of.

I'm not sure if it was the caffeine...
the heavenly aroma of freshly ground beans....
the quick pick-me-up conversation with my favorite baristas....
the warmth of the cup in my hands on a stormy day...
or the sugar....(oh gosh...the sugar!)

But at some point, I was making it a routine to purchase a
cup of liquid sunshine almost daily.

Followed by weight gain,
inflammation in my body and bad breath....

This really wasn't the goal I had in mind.

I heard one of my "health guru" friends
order "half sweet" and so I tried that.

Not bad!

After a while, I got use to drinking it that way and I
got a little more daring.
I started ordering a 16 oz latte with honey and whip.

Different. But still tasted pretty good!

Got use to that and I eventually ditched the honey.

Then I started reading about whey protein and
how whey can contribute to inflammation in the body.

So, guess what went next?

You got it! The milk.

I substituted with Hemp Milk and seriously,
if you haven't tried Hemp Milk have to!

It is richer than cow's milk and has a nutty flavor.

Plus, Hemp has a lot of nutritional properties and it's just better. Party Dresses for Girls 2020

Sooooooo much better!

As far as the whip is concerned,
I'm not ready to give that up yet.

But here's the key.

"I'm not ready."

Nobody told me I had to do it.
It's a personal choice and for that reason,
this first-born child has been successful.

I've been working on healing my adrenals
and found out that caffeine consumption can
be counterproductive to the healing process.

So.....I cut out caffeine about a month ago.

I don't drink coffee often anymore and consider it a treat.

I started drinking juice made from whole foods at # Roots
and my little taste buds aren't craving the coffee as often.

The juice is amazing and provides my body with
the sustainable energy it really needs...way more so than caffeine!

Here's my point....

If you have something in your life that you know you really should
cut out but you aren't quite ready yet....


Don't let it slow you down.

At some point, you just may be ready to let it go.

When you do, it will be your choice and that
will lead you to success much more quickly
than if it were someone else's idea!

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