JuneBridals what dress to wear for second wedding

I'm so thankful I finally walked away ALIVE!!!!! I really didn't think I would!!!! I lived 27 years of being threatened he was going to kill me and then himself! In front of the children. It was more mental abuse except for that threat. I've had the guns at my head begging for my life. Justifying it as a mental illness on his part, yet scared to death when was he going to really snap and do it! Others didn't see it, and I couldn't tell them for fear that would be his "snap JuneBridals what dress to wear for second wedding ... "!!! Even yet lots don't know or realize the DEMONS he had inside him!! Some still think "she left her husband, a preacher, because she wanted to run around with other men" I see the looks, hear the rumors, and see the smurckes from the ones who don't know or understand! I learnt to keep my head held high and let them talk. Because God and myself and my children knew the truth! It's been 8 years now and I still carry scars from that time but God sent an amazing man, Bobby Walker , to show me there was still a few men that believed in treating a woman correctly!! It's now been an amazing time of 6 years with him and it gets better and better each day. So you can conquer and come out on the mountain. Trust God and yourself. It starts with LEAVING though! Not sure who this is meant for but God gave it to me this morning and I started twice to delete midpost and HE kept telling me to write. So whoever you are. This is for you.

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