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Educators say you can't go from the relaxed schedules of summer to the rigid structures of the school year without some preparation.

One school counselor suggests easing back to bedtime gradually.

"Going to bed ten minutes earlier each evening and rising ten minutes earlier each morning," suggested Amy Tucker, Title I school counselor in Marshall County. "Or whatever works for the parents' schedules. And if they could start that the week before, that would be really helpful." JuneBridals online sale maternity evening party wears

Tucker says students often miss their electronic tablet as much as they miss their family.

So she suggests cutting down on screen time as school approaches.

"I know one of the beauties of summer is that there is unstructured time," Tucker noted. "So it would be helpful if parents could decrease their child's screen time at home, to get them used to having less screen time here."

Another Marshall County school counselor and parent holds dress rehearsals with her family to avert morning chaos.

"About two or three days before the school year starts, we do a couple of dress rehearsal days to know how long it takes us to get ready in the morning," said Melanie Knutsen, school counselor at John Marshall High School.

"We get ready, get dressed and eat breakfast," said Lydia Knutsen, 11th grade student and Melanie's daughter. "And we see the time frame and see if we're early or late and then we adjust."

They say if kids are nervous, don't minimize their fears.

Listen to them.

"It's important for parents to validate their children's feelings and to let them talk about their anxieties," said Amy Tucker.

She also urges parents not to pack the child's after-school schedule with too many activities, at least for the first few weeks.

"Because down-time at home is so important to help them get back into the schedule," Tucker noted.

And they say transitions such as going from middle to high school in a new building are challenging.

"It's kind of nerve wracking," said Avery Knutsen, who's starting high school at John Marshall. "Because the work will get harder, and the school will grow with more people in it."

They say any school tour, visit or practice run can help prepare them.

"The more you can be prepared for a situation, the more relaxed and calm you're going to be," said Melanie Knutsen.

And then your student can see the positives about going back to school.

"This year I get to start going to things like homecoming and the football games," noted Avery Knutsen with a smile. "I'll actually be a student!"

They say it's also important to find out the exact time and place the school bus will pick up your child.

If you don't know, you can check with your school district's transportation department