JuneBridals long halter formal gowns

I would like to point out that in the last decade Putin with Russian oil and other state promoted imonopolist bussinesses has for practical analysis , has become the modell western style corporate capitalist , and like many other rising stars of capitalism , has understood the essential key in consumerism , is to understand the need to give the people what they are wanting or needing or convinced them that they do ....As all government I can only remain by the consent of it's people ,,,all business can only ultimately prosper by giving the masses what they want to buy .....It doesn't' take a genious to see that no one is rushing through busy traffic to make it to the 50% off Gmo food sales , GMO advertizing. Is at a all time low , because even advertizing it's benefits would drive sales even lower ......this massive effort to thwart and ignore all the wishes of the consumer base ...Is so pervasively irrational ,, that it simply "must". be sinister in its basic goals ... Ito disregard and disrespect it's own customer base so thoroughly that they in contrast make Putin's offer to be wholesome natural grocer to the world seem pure genious in comparison , he must think ..."steal my closest neighbors Natural gas , overthrow its leader , to threaten my security , and take over its agriculture with financial leverage, to poison the soils of our large trade partner....hmm ? In exchange for my appealing to the hearts and minds and clear culinary preferences of all the people you have been alienating and systematically undermining al along ...hmm looks like check mate in a few moves.". They're not even good "capitalists".....spend billions to force a product on the world that nobody wants **???? Anywhere ?? Show me a restaurant that has to Pay people to unwillingly eat they're "BAD" food , and you don't need to be *Gordon Ramsey" (hells kitchen), to JuneBridals long halter formal gowns
Know they are not in it for the profit . Hmm.......think real hard......what could they be after ....nothin profits ....not health , not happy customers , not long term customer loyalty , merging with Bayer ? Medicine Mfg. ? Are you sure we are not all hallucinating that we are in a Saturday morning cartoon with a rediculously evil villain. ??