June Bridals plain and simple style wedding collections

insert 27
I was woken up by a kiss on my cheek ...
him: I missed you mam'mkhwebile
I smiled
he kissed my neck I slightly moaned damn I missed this one kakhulu
him: wake up you have to go to work
me: no I'm not I'll call in sick plus your dad will understand don't blame I miss you and I wanna spend the day with you
he smiled then covered both of us with a duvet we kissed the rest is history.......
we were both tired mhhhm I missed it (don't judge)
I woke up then went to have a bath he joined me we were just playing with water and bubbles after I got out went to lotion myself then wore tracksuit and slippers I went to make breakfast I made four slices of brown bread, I spreaded tomato paste,mayonnaise, then putted slices of cheese and lettuce damn that was very weird but it was very good and tasty mhhhm after I took the last bite I turned he was just sitting on the stairs looking at me like "what the hell are you eating" June Bridals plain and simple style wedding collections
me: what?
I was lickin my fingers
him: what were you eating?
me: brown bread,tomato paste,mayo,cheese,lettuce and cuc....
him: that's weird and nasty
me: haybo kukutya njee
him: hay not for me skolie you sorry
I laughed then looked at him
him: hay nangoku tcheen yinton maan leyo geez....now iphi eyam breakfast?
me: le bendiyitya?
him: no ways I want normal breakfast
I placed on the pan the fried eggs,bacon and sausages the smell became very awkward and I just ended up throwing in the back of the house at the garden gabbage after that I felt a bit dizzy I sat down then he came to look at me
him: ugrand skolie?
me: yeah ndi ryt
him: bendthe khawuye kwagqirha
me: ndithe ndiryt why uzondidika ngok
I got up angry then rinsed my mouth at a bathroom after I sat down still shaking and dizzy
he was banging the door
him: xolo ker bbe ndicela uvule sithethe
him: baby..skolie...ndyakcela sthandwa sam vula
him: please ker
me: go away (crying)
him: vula!!
me: *sniffing* just go please!
it went quiet for few moments I just sat there crying for nothing because that was uncalled for like manyan maan.....
I locked my self for about 1h00
I finished my drama episode I got up then went to my room I just lied a bit then I dozed I woke up to a shocking knock I was very annoyed kanjan this is just unfair
I didn't even wore any shoes I went to attend the door seems like my husband is gone
me: hay zandophulela icango yintoni ndithe ndiyeza!!!!
I opened the door yeer ngulo Lihle I wonder ufuna ntoni
me: you should learn some manners this is my household not yours so have some decency and respect my darli
Lihle: ukhona?
me:ubani unyoko okanye uyihlo?
Lihle: umyeni wam ntombazana!
me: gade amazwi akho uqaphe vaah ngomnye umntu lo uyandiva? utheni ucinga kuphi apha kukini la?
Lihle: ndiyangena!!
me: hebantu nayingulube inginonela boo yini ngawe O unenkinga??
she sat on the couch yebantu ngiyalingwa!!!

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