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(Harry Potter, Romance, Adventure)
Cormac has never had easy life. But then again when you father was the one person in the world that everyone was afraid of having an easy life wasn't something you could have. Cormac was the son of Tom riddle but he was raised away from his father by his mother and he was nothing like him. As he grew up Cormac was the quiet type of person who liked to keep to himself and he could more than often be found in his room sketching in his sketch book than out socializing with others his age.When he received his letter from Hogwarts his mother was more than proud because she knew that her son was going to grow up to be a great wizard. Cormac and his mother didn't see each other than much since she had to work two jobs to support the two of them. The night before he was to begin his fourth year at Hogwarts his father attacked him but his mother sacrificed herself to save him.

It didn't take long for word to reach Hogwarts on what had happened to Cormac and his mother. The train ride was quiet as it usually was although everyone would look at him as he walked by them. This was nothing unusual but this time he could hear everyone whispering to one another to. After everyone got to Hogwarts Cormac joined the rest of the gryphindor at their table. About half way to his table he was cut off by Draco and like usual the two began to argue. "Draco get out of my way and leave me alone. I'm not in the mood."said Cormac."No you cheated during our last quittach match."said Draco."It isn't my fault you don't know how to fly a broom now get out of my way before I knock you out of it."said Cormac getting irritated."Enjoy your visit from your father."smile Draco. Cormac was about to punch Draco but he stopped with his fist raised when someone stepped in between him and draco. The one who stepped in front of Draco and Cormac was a girl and the daughter of professor Snape to be exact. Cormac had been looking down and when he looked up his ice blue eyes locked with her dark green ones June Bridals gold color wears for flower girl