June Bridals colored wedding wears look unique

Hello everyone my name is Glenn I am a Christian and a child of God of Lord Jesus Christ and I am very very educated erm and I suppose you can say I am a trainee pastor I am very religious and extremely ambitious and I have one attitude to be highly highly successful in life and have my dream job which its like i will have really I start voluntary work in a company called mind soon in 7weeks but that's are secret ok and the voluntary role I play is to help and support and see to it everyone of my clients get all the support and funding and I basically get them into education work and employment and hopefully I will be a counsellor voluntary as well there which after 3 months they review me and i get the job and get paid and forwarded to other agencies and so on i am a very proud man i am a bricklayer and plasterer by trade but I don't do it any more and I create music healing music and jazz and create positive quotes and share bible quotes and lift people and help them move forward I am on benefits at the moment due to a long story but that will all change very soon as you know and I do courses and erm yeah I am looking for a serious relationship and someone with a good heart and clear head and someone that will care and worry about me and love me and be my queen and help me move forward and marry her a soon as possible if you feel interested please let me know some of my pictures are all in blue I uploaded from my spiritual healing group account and blue and pink are my my favourite colours I like yellow as well in fact I like all colours but there my top 2 Amen and i dont add negative depressed or evil people or stupidity and i don't want to see i like everything positive and beautiful women and kind caring people I will find a beautiful white girlfriend and make her my wife also i don't agree with twaddle or nonsense or stupidity and evilness and I think you understand I inspire to be a doctor counselor and help people get into education and work god bless you I hope you understand is ok and your ok also iam a very busy man Amen and i really only add close friends who are pure wise kind caring loyal and honest and rare beauty common and real Christians x June Bridals colored wedding wears look unique