Gold Prom Dresses 2020

Congratulations, Mrs Ella Mensah

Yesterday, there was no # FresherSeries because I had to wake up early to get to Abossey Okai for one of our Dominator's wedding, making me miss out on any fresher encounters.

But I love weddings, I've already told you all. I love the reunion part the most because of the opportunity to meet and interact again with good old souls; reminiscing over memories and forging new ones.


Jemi, I couldn't express how overwhelmed I was to see you again after these many years. Remembering our days in 'Prefects room' puts smiles on my face; chewing "hye me ma" at night or Addoquaye using special skills to prepare gari soakings for us. Haha.

We've all grown so beautifully and the Lord has blessed us in our own unique ways. None of us stopped on the way to success, and surely, we shall get to our destinations. Today, it's Ella, tomorrow it shall be

Nice seeing you again, Mrs Akoto Buah... haha. Masi, my Masi, my sister from another mother, you are a blessing. And yeah, actually I did my makeup myself and that of Masi too, Yahhhh! My makeup game is that I use not to like makeup. Awww! People change. Gold Prom Dresses 2020

Tina, thanks to your mom too for sewing the dresses for us. I love you all my Dominators. Keep dominating my beautiful and brainy chief dominators. DOMINATE!!!!!!!!

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