Cheap Wedding Dresses 2020

Capsule 2! 1. SOLD!

Amber Murray Andrews this one is for you!

I love layering especially for Fall and this lovely collection is perfect for it! Let's do it!


1. This super soft XS Carly has a nice blue print with accents of purple and red! It looks awesome with 2. either worn OVER as you would a Classic T to make a top/skirt look or under as shown to make your Carly long sleeve! It also looks great with a side knot layeres over 5. for another look! (Photo in comments)

2. This L Lynnae is super soft and can be worn with so many leggings, Cassie skirts, or even jeans! It looke awesome over 1. with a side knot or under as shown to make a long sleeve look! It also looks awesome layered over 4. and picks up the awesome hues in the Julia!

3. This M Perfect T is so soft and comfortable! The shades pick up the tones in 4. and make for a great layering piece! It also looks great with 5. for an outfit as the Maxi skirt pulls out the deeper red tones in the top!

4. This L Julia is also very soft! It has gorgeous shades of blue and pink purple and is gorgeous alone or with 3. layered over!

5. This soft knit S Maxi is the perfect wardrobe staple in Falls hottest color! It looks awesome under 1. with a side knot or with 3.! Maxi can also be worn as a dress and if you want to cover up, layer over a cardi or button down for even more options! Worn alone it looks great with so many LuLa tops or even w white button down or chambray top! Cheap Wedding Dresses 2020

Thank you so much for letting me style you Amber, these soft colors are so pretty and each item is softer than the last! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions :) . These items are yours exclusively for one hour but feel free to let me know if you need any additional time - simply comment sold and the item numbers! xoxo

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